ProTraining™ Production Replicator Oilfield Training (PSST) T2

Course Description

ProTraining™ Production Replicator Oilfield Training is designed to deliver a real time hands-on training facility designed to replicate the midstream oilfield process operation. It is a revolutionary facility built in accordance with API RP14C to enhance the student's ability to operate an oil and gas production facility both onshore and offshore. Our ProTraining™ is ready to deliver PSST (T2) Subpart O refreshers and full 3-day and 5-day courses both non-API and API-U certified. Upon completion of the course, each student receives a T2 certification card, a certificate of completion, and each student’s information is entered into our Training Tracker database. T2 Refresher Course is required every three (3) years and the refresher is also available online!

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